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During my time as a politician, I have promoted and hosted a few protests which go hand in hand with my beliefs, such as the #PornProtest which was widely publicised in the media around the UK and Worldwide.

I have had the opportunity to express my views and had over 300 people join in the protest outside the Parliament building in London, where we displayed our freedom and voiced our concerns with the government and how bylaws are put in place or amended without the consent of the public.

There are a many newspaper articles and videos that you can have a look through to see how I have been assisting people in getting their voices heard!  I attended 58 interviews in one day for the #PornProtest

The answer, for anyone who dares think otherwise is: absolutely. Yes. For the new anti-porn regulations censor people without consent. Nobody has the right to take away peoples personal liberties or personal choice.

Sky News – #PornProtest in front of the houses of parliament
Sky News – Porn Is “Canary In Coalmine Of Free Speech” – Obscenity Lawyer & Charlotte Rose on Sky News

Mirror – Pro-porn campaigner plans public spanking event in protest against online smut laws

BBC News
– Rochester and Strood by-election: Four more smaller parties
BBC News
– Campaigners have staged a demonstration outside Parliament against changes to pornography regulations.
BBC News – Rochester and Strood: Voters going to the polls

– Self described ‘sex worker and sexual trainer‘ Charlotte Rose ran as an independent candidate in the Rochester and Strood by-election.


The Independent –  I can hear the laughter now. A mass face-sitting outside Britain’s parliament: are they serious?
The Independent – Charlotte Rose Bio with the Independent

Express and Echo
– Former Exeter sex worker Charlotte Rose to stand for parliament
Express and Echo – Charlotte Rose to feature in new documentary featuring Russel Brand
Express and Echo – Love for Sale – Charlotte Rose appears with Rupert Everett

Buzz Feed
– The protest is being organised by sex worker Charlotte Rose, one of the country’s leading campaigners for sexual freedom.

Sex and Censorship – The Porn Protest outside the houses of parliament

Fanny Hunter logo
Fanny Hunter – The Manchester Porn Protest – #PornProtest

 Vice News – Meet the British Sex Worker Standing as an MP in This Year’s General Election


RT News – Pressured into sex: Over 70% of sex workers had jobs in health and education


Charlotte and the Other Parties

The Loony Party – Clacton By-election Thurs 9th October 2014


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