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50 shades of grey – by Charlotte Rose 3

  Hi All, If you have not watched the movie 50 Shades of Grey, my review will reveal many spoilers, so if you want to watch it, then come back and comment on my review afterwards… I would love to hear what you think. So after a long grilling day […]

Who is Charlotte Rose? 1

Who is Charlotte Rose? Mixed messages about me are created by the media but who is to judge, that depends on the reader. Dominatrix I was, a long time ago but the problem with the media that don’t know when to let go Sexual trainer I am, helping others working […]

50 shades of great 2

  Hi all, This is my first blog – not 100% prepared for a full on 1000 word essay right now but too excited about my new website I couldn’t resist to see what this blog will look like 😉 So….I am looking for a venue to hold my launch […]